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About Rural
The Bulgarian attributes offer the various properties of motionless fortunes for the sale in Bulgaria . We try always to present better offers of value first and to cover all the important regions of country that characterize the most interesting attributes from the opinion of investors. And because we want to make best us for each customer we sell also the properties of motionless fortunes that are not so much big value for the money, but of course we have the character or the big place with the beautiful nature. We believe that exist things that the money cannot buy also one from these things he is indeed the unique character of certain property of motionless fortunes. Such attributes you will find in this website also.

Nevertheless in this page we will try to give our concise constitution in the purchasers that are interested for the investment in the attributes of motionless fortunes with the good value, the big likely or important return of money as income of rent. Bulgaria is the last unknown secret of property in Europe where the theoretical occasions exist also purchasers that are brave, but intelligent it can it is profited a lot by the investments of their motionless fortunes here.
Below we place a list of most interesting property of motionless fortunes on the sale in Bulgaria (the order of placement is casual). The attributes of motionless fortunes under explicit our opinion judging from our experience. You we do not force in order to we buy and the fast and enormous theoretical profits. This is simply the professional, but our personal opinion.

Bulgaria has the big place in the south-eastern point of Europe - many mountains, big coast of Black Sea, enormous levels territory in flat Danube, etc the bigger part of beautiful province of Bulgaria remain for the foreigner purchasers. Those that live in the particularly developed western European countries will be astonished find the rural territories of Bulgaria intact from the modern urban life, the clean nature and the hard work and the friendly persons, what do not speak the foreigner languages and that will be more from happy to become your friends and you to help with what they can. A good advantage is however the make of that almost 100% of attributes of province in Bulgaria have the electric energy and running water.

All the villages have the telephone lines, mobile telephone cover, TV and the radio radio broadcasts, many from him have to the cable television with the international channels. Even with the not developed infrastructure, all the rural regions have tarmac the streets, the posts, the regular transport of buses in the bigger cities, the local foods and other shops, barriers/restaurants, stations of petrol, local beginnings. Even rural most of the villages are (apart from them in the very high regions of mountains). Most of them are near in the bigger or regional cities with the wider spectrum - the coffees of Internet, cinemas, theatres, stations of trains, hospitals, school, cultural activating, etc

Featured Properties In Bulgaria

Properties in Bulgaria

The holiday village "Sunny Home" is currently under construction and is situated in a quiet and peaceful position on the Southwest side of the most popular and largest seaside resort...

€42,000 (approx. £29,578 )
Bulgaria property for sale

Situated near the centre of the charming village of St. Vlas these luxurious brand new apartments boast a lovely sea view and are within 2 minutes walking distance of a fine sandy beach...

€44,620 (approx. £31,426 )

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